Carbon Monoxide Safety

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Fire Chief’s Report

With all the nasty weather happening south of us this past summer, it reminds us that we are not secluded from bad weather events.  Morden and the RM of Stanley, are on the alerting system CodeRed, which can inform residents of unexpected emergencies.  If you have not subscribed and would like notifications on your smart phones, it is easy to sign up.  Go to the City of Morden web site, click on the CodeRed symbol and follow directions.  Its easy and FREE!
On another notes, Fire Prevention Week was the week of October 9, 2017.  This year’s slogan was “Every Second Counts – Plan 2 Ways Out.”  This involves having a fire escape plan for you, your families and co-workers.  It is preparing for the unthinkable and knowing where your exits are in your home or at work.  Please take the time to go over these plans with your family and places of work.  The unfortunate time you need it, you don’t want to be thinking, “I should have planned this earlier.”  Now is the time!  We take this for granted, but knowing what to do in a moments notice is very valuable.  Prepare, plan, practice and make sure it works.  That would be awesome!

As always, its a pleasure to have this opportunity.

From all of us on the Fire Dept., play hard and play safe!

Morden Fire Chief – Andy Thiessen