Carbon Monoxide Safety

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Happy New Year from Morden Fire & Rescue Crew

I trust that your Christmas season was a wonderful one.

The Fire Department attended a house fire, Christmas eve, assisting our neighbors in Darlingford.  The results were very unfortunate, with a loss to the home.  This got me thinking of what our department has responded to in 2017, in our response area.

There have been some fire losses, motor vehicle accidents that we wished hadn’t happened, but all things considered, it has been a pretty good year.  Our call volume has been reduced by about 40% from previous averages, which in the emergency response business, is a good thing.  We can’t really suggest a reason to the decline in calls, but are thankful all the same.  So as a community, whatever you are doing to be fire safe, driving carefully, and being aware of your surroundings, its working.  Keep up with your good work, which makes our community we live in a safer place for all of us.

I still encourage all to have a fire escape plan for your home and places of work.  It is important to know what you need to do in case of a sudden emergency.  If you are unsure of what is all involved, you can always give us a call at the fire hall or if you are a young family with school aged kids, ask you kids.  They know this stuff.  They are our fire safe ambassadors and are very good at it.  Again, thank you for assisting us in keeping our community a safe place to love, and looking forward to caring for you in 2018.

From all of us on Morden Fire and Rescue Department, play hard and play safe!

Andy Thiessen, Fire Chief, Morden Fire & Rescue