Welcome To Morden Fire & Rescue

Welcome to the Morden Fire & Rescue website. The department consists of 35 paid on call fire fighters from all walks of life. We are proud to assist the Town of Morden and the RM of Stanley with fire protection, education, and specialty team rescues to its residents. The fire department is over 110 years old and has been supported by employers throughout the community over its entire existence. Without their support and the support of councils, our department would not be able to operate at its current level.

Morden is located 12 miles north of the USA border in south central Manitoba. The Town of Morden has the Manitoba Escarpment to its west, with rolling hills and valleys, and flat prairie farmland to the east. This unique terrain of the Pembina Triangle has enticed many people to move to the area, causing us as a Fire Department to grow with it as well. In 2007 we moved into our new and present fire hall. The 5th fire hall in our existence. I invite you to browse our website, give us some feedback, and if you are ever in the neighborhood, by all means, stop in and check out the department first hand.

Andy Thiessen
Fire Chief
Morden Fire & Rescue

We’re now on Facebook!!

Follow the link to our Facebook page. Be sure to like and follow our page to receive news and information, daily burn ban updates, fire prevention tips, and community event information where you can meet and interact with firefighters.

Meet Ophelia, the newest member of our Public Education team!

She is currently in training working hard on her stop, drop & roll and crawling low under smoke drills. Ophelia would like to take this opportunity to remind residents to check the batteries in your smoke detectors monthly.
Once her training is complete, we hope to have Ophelia join us at various community events, helping firefighters share fire safety messages.

Department Monthly Report: May 2020

Morden Fire & Rescue responded to 9 calls for service in May.
4 of those calls were within the City of Morden limits, 5 calls for service were inside the R.M. of Stanley, for a total of 229 hours.

Training hours were down significantly in May due to COVID-19. However, members were still able to accumulate 238 volunteer hours for administration work, in house vehicle maintenance and cleaning & maintaining firefighting equipment. Our members also achieved 44 hours of community service in May with events such as our Fire Friday event with Chicken Chef Morden and the Pay It Forward Parade.

Rescue # 121



Rescue 121 has finally arrived!

After arriving Friday (Jaunary 31) afternoon, Rescue 121 officially went into service at 1700 hours today (Feburary 1), catching its first call only 38 minutes later!

Thank you to City of Morden citizens & council for allowing us the opportunity to serve our community with state of the art equipment! This new rescue truck will continue to proudly serve your community for decades to come.

We would also like to send a thank you to both Scott Wikes of Keewatin Truck Service for assisting with designing the truck and to E-ONE Fire Trucks (Official Site) for making our dream a reality.

Members will spend the next few weeks training and familiarizing themselves with features found on the new truck.

Are You Ready?

Morden Fire & Rescue is looking for new volunteers to join our team in 2020!

Are You Ready?


For more information on volunteering: Visit the Fire Hall at 194 Thornhill St or Call 204-822-3888.