Jon Baumgart

Captain #123

Favorite Memory

I have enjoyed many things about being on the fire department. One thing that stands out is when Chris Addison and myself were prepping a house for  practice burn. When Chief told me to go into the basement to check an oil heater tank. While standing on the stairs talking to the Chief the stairs collapsed under me and I fell, and all Andy saw was me on the basement floor laughing.

Basic Info

Years Of Service


Reason For Joining

Looked like fun and wanted to give back to the community.


Huron Window Corporation


Captain, Fire Fighter Level I, Vehicle Extrication, Fire Ground Management, Farm Accident Rescue Seminar, Hazardous Materials Awareness, Confined Space Awareness, Incident Command System 100, Emergency Medical Responder – Technician, Wild Land Fire Fighting for Structural Fire Fighters, Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C, 200 Basic Incident Command System, Traffic Control Seminar, IAFF Fire Ground Survival Awareness Course, Ground Search & Rescue – Basic, Ground Search & Rescue – Team Leader, Critical Incident Stress Management – Basic, Rescue Practices, Critical Incident Stress Management – Advanced.