Dennis Macklem

Radio Operator – #21

Favorite Memory

Between May 1984 and March 1986 I started a fire department in Minton, SK (POP 131). We started with a 1955 Ford International Truck and built a firetruck, firehall from there. In Morden I really appreciate remembering the honorary members and their spouses at all social events. Being fire hall Grandpa!

Basic Info

Years Of Service

5 with Killarney, 2 with Minton, SK, 25 with Emerson, 14 with Morden. Total 46.

Reason For Joining

I started with Deloraine Fire Department as a sidekick to my  Dad and then got bit by the bug. After moving to Morden, Chief Andy asked me to join and become radio operator.

Employed By



Past Fire Chief – Emerson, MB & Minton, SK, Past Ambulance Coordinator – Emerson, MB, Licensed Radio Operator, Certified Emergency Service Instructor, Farm Accident Rescue Seminar, Fire Fighter Level 1, Fire Ground Management, Youth Fire Stop Workshop, Emergency Vehicle Driving Skills – Fire, Hazardous Materials Awareness, Incident Command System 100.