Darrel Klassen

Pump Operator #127

Favorite Memory

I call it craziest memory. A couple years after I joined the department, we had a call at Morden Motor Inn. Fire in the attic. Chief Andy orders me into one of the hotel rooms with a fire extinguisher to start the fire suppression through the exhaust fan cut out in the ceiling. Well, I made the mistake of asking the Chief if I needed to “put my air on”. I already had the tank/mask on, I just had not attached the air valve. I get in the room, (without my air on) aim extinguisher through the ceiling and press, wham! All the extinguisher dust comes right back at me,  causing me to fill my mask and my lungs. Hurt like crazy!

Basic Info

Years Of Service


Reason For Joining

I joined the department because it looked like a ton of fun.


Lode King Industries


Pump Operator, Fire Fighter Level I, Hazardous Materials Awareness, Confined Space Rescue – Awareness, Vehicle Extrication, Rescue Practices, Aircraft Crash & Rescue Seminar, Farm Accident Rescue, Emergency Vehicle Driving Skills – Fire, Pump Operations, Incident Command System 100, Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C.