CJ Thiessen


Favorite Memory

Going to a farm accident during Corn & Apple weekend, and watching everyone working together professionally, and calmly under a stressful situation, resulting in a positive ending, always makes for good memories that stick close to you.

Basic Info

Years Of Service


Reason For Joining

Growing up with my Dad being the fire chief and watching him leave the house at a moments’ notice to go help someone, was a pretty great thing to look up to.  I knew since I was little that being on a team with people that can go out and put other people ahead of themselves was something I wanted to be a part of.


Brandon Fire Paramedic Service


Pump operator, Fire Fighter Level I & II – Accredited, Emergency Driving Skills Seminar – EMS & Fire, Rescue Practices, Incident Command System Canada I-100, Pump Operations – Advanced, Vehicle Extrication Seminar, Fire & Life Safety Educator, Primary Care Paramedic – 2014, Hazardous Materials Operations, Surface Water Rescue Level I & II.